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Our goal is to provide a healthy foundation for your child’s growth and education. All of our programs are designed to meet your child’s age and needs. We start as early as infanthood to aid in developing creative minds. Our programs provide the necessary environment and stimulation to instill a true love for learning throughout life. Enrollment in all of our programs is based on availability of space in the age-appropriate class for each child.


We understand the critical needs of infants. Babies as early as six weeks old are held, loved, and encouraged to move and explore. In addition to one-on-one personal attention, activities in our infant/crawler area include reading, singing, playing games, and plenty of tummy time and movement. Hugs, playtime and laughter are abundant in our infant/crawler area.


Toddlers are always on the move and our staff knows exactly how to keep up with them! We provide a fun and safe environment for your child to play and explore. Activities in our toddler area include imaginary play, problem solving with blocks and puzzles, movement, art, and lots of reading and sing-alongs. In addition to play, we also help facilitate important issues such as learning to share, potty training and proper communication.


*Until we get a Georgia Pre-K program, we offer an ambitious private Pre-K program and curriculum

We want your child’s transition to pre-kindergarten to be seamless. While a child’s ability to soak up knowledge increases, his or her need for play remains an important component in growing. Our teachers are experts in having fun as they engage the children through playful instruction. Our Georgia state-approved and research-grounded curriculum, The Creative Curriculum, is the perfect tool for our educators to use in our classrooms. Children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st to qualify for our private Pre-K program.

Summer Camps

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